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Reasons to Buy a Cable TV Antenna Millions of consumers have chosen to stop paying their high cable bills and find alternatives. Some are simply sick of paying a high rate for cable and seeing rate increases year after year. Costs going up annually after being a loyal customer can be a huge disappointment as well. A lot of others are simply seeking ways to save a lot of money on bills that already are adding up to too much of the monthly budget. A great option for those that are A getting rid of their cable television service is to use over the air television service. There is no cost involved in using over the air television for your home. People also will notice that the picture is much clearer and more impressive. Compression issues that are faced with cable television service is not a problem with over the air transmission. Many people are happy to see that their local channels are available and they weren’t even allow them with their provider. People often enjoy that they can watch locals news when they couldn’t always do so before. All of the major networks transmit signals over the air so you can often find some of the most popular television shows. Major networks often show children’s programming and that is good news for parents. People can purchase cable tv antennas now in order to access the free over the air television channels. Many will see them sold as HD television antennas. They are called HD because they receive a high definition signal due to an uncompressed signal that can be used with these. A lot of consumers find after they have installed their cable tv antennas that their television picture is a lot brighter and more distinct. People that do plan on keeping their subscription services may like the fact that they can still get a signal when their cable service goes out during a storm. This is very helpful if there is a storm or weather event and you want to be able to have access to important news or programming that can help you out if there is an emergency. It is important to look up broadcasting towers so that you can figure out what type of cable tv antenna to get. Some considerations will need to be made for placement so that they aren’t blocked by trees or buildings that could get in the way. The ideal would be to get a perfectly unobstructed signal so that the signal is excellent with the use of the cable tv antenna. People can buy cable tv antennas at most any retail store on the web or in the local area and they come with detailed instructions and should be easy to install without any issue.5 Lessons Learned: Options

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