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How to Choose the Right Deep Fryer Most restaurant kitchens have one or multiple types of deep fryers. If your menu includes foods like chicken finders and fries, then you need a deep fryer. There are many types of deep fryer models in the market. The models are specially designed for the diverse foodservice industry environments. If you want to buy a deep fryer, here are some things to consider. What Will You Be Serving?
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Go through your menu to determine the kind of foods that have to be deep fried. If you need a deep fryer for your restaurant, consider both the current foods you are cooking and the future ones you may introduce. If your menu will mostly consist of heavily buttered or breaded foods, go for a tube-style gas fryer. There is a sediment (cold) zone just below the fryer’s burner tubes. As you are frying, small pieces of food that usually fall off will be caught at the zone.
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You may need to buy more than one fryer is you will be serving a lot of food. You can designate specific fryers to be used for seafood and proteins. Doing this will ensure the dishes retain their flavors. Moreover, designating the fryers for specific food cooking can help to avoid issues with allergy. Consider the Amount of Food to Be Cooked The power and size of your fryer should be suitable for the amount of food you will be frying. Choose a fryer that is suitable in size for your needs. If you overcrowd it, your food is bound to come out inferior. If the food overlaps in the oil, it will be unevenly fried. The volume of food that can be cooked at any one time will depend on the fryer’s tank capacity. How quickly the oil will return to cooking temperature after food has been dipped in also depends on the tank capacity. Finally, the tank also determines the fryer’s recovery time. A small fryer will struggle to recover when you need to cook food fast at a bust time such as noon. As a result, the temperature will not be sufficient to cook the food. The cooked food will absorb more oil, making it come out greasy. Generally, gas fryers heat up quickly to a higher temperature than electric fryers. However, the recovery time of gas fryers is quite longer compared to that of electric fryers. How Much Space Do You Have? If you do not have a lot of kitchen space, go for an electric countertop deep fryer. The fryers are recommended for establishments such as delis and corporate cafes.