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What are Some of the Things That You Need to Know About Wedding Sand Ceremonies?

If you could ask the old or the newly born generation, they will confirm to you that they only know of unity candle to be used in most of the wedding ceremonies. It is like this tradition is being broken as many people nowadays have switched to unity sand to be used in their wedding ceremonies. This has been easy to many couples as deciding on who to lit the candle was becoming difficult and unfair to the other partner. In ceremonial sand the people who wish to marry will have different colors of sand and even their family members if they would wish to do so. There is no big difference in the way the ceremony is celebrated to other types of wedding as they just follow the normal protocols.

In this the bride and the group will have to stand in front of the audience after the officiant has quoted some few words. Then afterwards the officiant will offer the bride and the groom with different jars of sand with different types of colors according to the couples’ preference. In addition, he also provides a central jar of which the couples are going to pour their sand into. It will be now the time for the bride to pour his sand in the central jar. This will then be followed by the groom who will pour her sand to the central jar which will form two beautiful layers. The sand will not be poured only ones but they will have to pour it one after the other until it will get finished forming beautiful layers of sand making it to look more cool.

The officiant will now take the opportunity to declare them husband and wife since by pouring the sand in one jar will show that they are now one. You know that after the wedding there are some protocols that always make the whole event to be lively like eating together, partying and the couples going for honeymoon.

Another thing is that in other unity sand ceremonies, the family members are also given the opportunity to pour their sand after the bride and groom. This is not mandatory but it depends with the organization of the families that are uniting to form one.

Many people have argued that unity sand strengthens the relationship between the husband and wife. This is due to the fact that the mixture of sand in the central jar is one thing that would last forever as you know that sand will not expire or go bad. Nothing is more good like initiating your good memories as this is done by the unity sand as it acts as a reminder.

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Study: My Understanding of Weddings